How to Use a Hot Air Styler

There really are a multitude of gadgets if you are looking to dry, straighten or curl your hair. If you want to curl or straighten your hair, many of these gadgets require you to dry your hair first. This makes styling your hair quite time-consuming.

This is why a hot air brush or hot air styler is ideal as you can both dry and style your hair at the same time. If you are unsure which type of hot air styler you should look for, find a good site that reviews the latest models. This will give you a good guide as to what you should be looking for. A site I would recommend is Hot Air Stylers because they check out and review the different types of hot air stylers and also give you tips on how to use and maintain your new hot air styler.

What is a Hot Air Styler?

If you haven’t noticed them before, you may be a bit mystified. A hot air styler is basically a brush that blows hot air. There are some models available that work a bit like a flat iron, although they still look like a brush.

By having a brush that blows hot air, you can dry and style your hair fairly easily in one step. As such, they are used on wet or damp hair, not dry hair. They can style your hair straight, wavy, or curly.

Features of Hot Air Stylers

There are so many differences between different models of hot air stylers that you need to decide which features you need before you buy.

  • Length of hair. Clearly, the length of your hair could change! However, as a general rule there are some hot air stylers that work well with short hair, and others that work well with very long hair. Then there are the ones in between.
  • Paddle hot air brush. This is shaped like a normal paddle hair brush. With this model, you can dry and straighten your hair in one move. If you regularly straighten your hair, you may wonder if these work as well as your hair straighteners, or better even. Obviously, this will depend on the model of your hair straighteners, but as a general rule hair straighteners will give you better straight hair. However, a paddle hot air brush will give you straight and manageable hair. The bonus is that you don’t have to dry then straighten your hair but can do both together. This does work well with very curly hair.
  • Dryer and styler. This looks a bit half dryer half brush. As it dries your hair you can style it straight or curly.
  • Round brush. With this styler, you can have straight or curly hair. Make sure you choose the brush size that is suitable for your hair.
  • Different barrels. Many stylers come with 1 brush attached. However, there are some models with more than one barrel. The larger the barrel the larger the wave you will get. You also tend to get more volume from a big barrel. If you have fairly short hair, you will need a styler with a small barrel.
  • Rotating brush. When you are using a round brush you need to twist the brush in your hair to get a curl. Some models have a rotating head so the styler does that itself. These can be quite hard to get used to so be wary before you jump in and buy one. On some of the models you can turn the rotating barrel off, so it is static. This may be a good choice if you are unsure.
  • The majority of models are electric and so plug into the mains. However, if you need some for travel you can find either battery or butane models.

There are many different styles of hot air brush so it is important that you find one that will work really well with your type of hair and your hairstyle. Before you buy a new styler, decide which features you need because many of the models are quite different. You don’t want to be disappointed when your hot air styler doesn’t do what you want it to do.