Techniques for an Efficient Boxing Workout

Fitness training has come a long way to take the position it is now. Gyms are now accessible to the public, and they have a personal trainer to complete the package. Something that has stood its ground over the years is the use of boxing exercises to keep fit. Undertaking boxing exercises doesn’t mean you have to get into the ring, at times it is all about keeping fit.

Boxing fitness at the London Fight Factory is meant to make both amateurs and professional boxers fit for the next bout. The fitness regimes are intense and need great dedication from the individual. The nature of the exercises provides a solid platform for you to exercise and keep fit. The benefits of taking these exercises are numerous and include improving cardiovascular function, power, speed, agility, strength, reaction, coordination and flexibility. Other outcomes include muscle toning and weight loss.

Warming Up

Before you can start any exercise, it is imperative that you warm up. The main aim of warming up is to make your muscles and joints active and ready for the day’s routine. The warm-up also increases the body temperature, which is necessary because warm muscles are more elastic. It also increases the heart rate so that the heart can pump more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. You also need this oxygenated blood to reach the joints to increase the range of motion.

Techniques for an Efficient Workout

The Stance

This refers to the right positioning for exercising. Typically, your body needs to be slightly on one side, knees in a slight bending position and the feet between 12 and 24 inches apart. The weight should be on the balls of your feet as opposed to the heels. Both hands ought to be at ear height with the elbows tucked into your sides.

The Right Cross

This refers to a punch with your dominant hand. It involves rotating the fist and the forearm then hitting your target before getting back into position. While at it, you need to rotate at the waist and to swivel off the balls of the feet. The rotation is aimed at throwing your weight behind the punch.

The Jab

This is a punch using the weaker hand. It goes through the same motion as the cross, but you need to be careful not to let your defenses down by dropping your right hand. Always keep at it.

The Uppercut

This is the result of throwing quick punches while coming from a squatting-like position. Your arm should be flexed with your palm facing your chest.

The Hook

This is thrown using the left hand. The arm goes through a hooking motion that will arise from a full extension of the elbow in a high position. The aim is to use the knuckle to connect with the target rather than the open hand.

In Closing

You can use these punches in combination to get the required effect. The aim is to down your opponent while protecting yourself from his offense. The advantage of learning these techniques is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. You can start with your bare hands a process called shadow boxing.

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