Signs Your Mercedes Benz Is Experiencing Spark Plug Problems

Spark Plug Problems

Today we highlight one of the most overlooked components of your Mercedes Benz engine – the spark plug. Without this part, the fuel in the combustion chamber won’t have a way to ignite. These plugs are designed to transmit electrical signals from the car’s ignition coil to create a spark which in turn ignites the air-fuel mixture in the vehicle’s combustion chamber.

Each car model needs a particular type of spark plug that matches the spark plug gap recommended by the manufacturer. Good spark plugs help your car to burn fuel efficiently, while bad ones can prevent your car from starting. With regular use, the spark plugs collect soot or fail to work altogether. When this happens, your car starts showing symptoms of worn-out spark plugs that ought to be replaced by a certified mechanic from as soon as possible.

You Spend More on Fuel

When your spark plugs work perfectly, they help burn fuel efficiently during the combustion cycle. This way, your car’s efficiency is the way it ought to be. When the plugs aren’t functioning to their maximum potential, you will experience poor fuel efficiency.

At times, the problem might not be due to a faulty plug, but because of the gap between the plug electrodes that might be too far apart or too close. The mechanic will take out the plug, analyze the gap and adjust it according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Sluggish Acceleration

One of the common causes of slow acceleration on the Mercedes Benz is a problem with the ignition system. When the ignition has a problem, it will display a warning sign on the dashboard to this effect. However, at times the issue is just a faulty spark plug.

The typical spark plug is made of separate components that must work together to produce a spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. When these individual components wear out, the performance of the spark plugs reduces, which in turn significantly reduces the acceleration of the vehicle.

If you notice a change in the acceleration of the car, you need to suspect a dead spark plug that needs to be replaced. These plugs come in multiples, which means if a single spark plug malfunctions, then the vehicle will misfire.

Misfiring Engine

A misfiring engine is apparent from the jerking and stuttering when one of the cylinders doesn’t work perfectly. A cylinder might fail to work due to fuel-related or ignition issues. Misfiring is usually accompanied by loss of engine power depending on how severe the issue is.

One of the causes of your Mercedes Benz misfiring is damage to the spark plug wire or damage to the tip of the plug that connects the wire. Either way, when you allow the misfiring to continue, you will notice increased exhaust emissions, a decrease in engine power and poor fuel economy.

Due to the potential issues that might arise from a misfiring engine, you need to contact a reputable mechanic that understands this issue. Work with a certified Mercedes Benz mechanic in Essex to inspect your car, determine what the problem is and come up with the best solution.

Your Car Might Not Start

If you start having trouble starting the vehicle, you need to suspect worn spark plugs. The spark plug forms one of the components that are vital to starting your vehicle. If this part malfunctions, you need to contact the mechanic to find out the cause.

The Bottomline: Don’t Wait Till It Is Too Late!

The signs of malfunctioning spare plugs start gradually. For instance, your car might misfire once then start smoothly. When you notice the first signs of faulty spark plugs, you need to react immediately. Don’t wait when it is too late because the problem might escalate and leave you stranded. On the first sign of spark plug trouble, call a certified Mercedes-Benz mechanic and schedule for repair. The mechanic will analyze the spark plugs and tell you what has to be done to rectify the problem. Additionally, you need to realize that just like any other car parts, spark plugs wear out with regular use. Be proactive about regular spark plug maintenance so that you are not caught unawares.

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