Power Pressure Cooker XL

Power Pressure Cooker XL Review


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Product Description

Traditional cookware normally takes you hours and hours upon hours to fix one meal, but a pressure cooker can get the job done in three quarters of that time almost. People choose to settle for cheaper alternatives in hopes that it will last and still produce great tasting food. However, this is not always the case and they end up buying several units until they are satisfied with one that they like. Some consumers have found it ideal to purchase the Power XL online instead of the cheaper thirty dollar models from local stores.

Fun Functions and Details

This nine pound pressure cooker ships at approximately fourteen pounds due to the accessories and additions to the new design. It is manufactured in the United States and shipped worldwide. The sleek design of this unit is stainless steel with a display screen and a safe locking lid with a steam release that’s manual. There arm of the top, carrying arm, is sturdy enough to lift even when completely full. It has a six quart capacity and 11 buttons total that include: Slow cook, Chicken/Meat, Fish/Vegetables steam, Rice/Risotto, Soup/Stew, Beans/Lentils, Canning/Preserving, Time Adjustment, Delay Timer, Keep Warm/cancel, and the center Cook time Selector button. The display shows red digits and has indicators for both food and rice, when they are white, brown, quick cook, medium, or well. All of these features definitely make this an elite pressure cooker for the biggest and smallest of households.

The Pros

One of the pros of this machine is that you receive not only the machine and the instructions but also a recipe book, detailed manual, canning guide, cook specs, and the original user’s guide. The automatic option helps when needing to get other things done around the house, claims some consumers. This pressure cooker is quick to heat up and even quicker to produce results in as little as thirty minutes. The several buttons allow you to cook any which way you want to whether it is rice, meat, soup, stew, or just browning for another meal, says consumers. Another pro that some consumers have reported is having the three pressure settings that allow the various cooking and canning to be done.

The Cons

Many consumers have found that this product may be poorly put together as with the gasket inside breaking, cracking, or being hard to replace after cleaning. Other consumers have found that the manuals included with this product is in no way informative and actually confused them instead. It is also noteworthy that some users found the unit not to perform the settings advertised to par such as browning, holding the right temperature to slow cook, or holding pressure at the right level. Another concern that is found to be reported is the Teflon coating tends to chip slightly after using and washing.

Overall, Pressurized Goodness

There may be a few kinks with this unit, but many people have found it as everything they had hoped for in a pressure cooker. Although there are several others in the same line up as this pressure cooker, the Power brand stands behind its long list of features and availability to answer any questions or concerns. Instead of just using the oven, or a conventional microwave to heat up, or attempt to cook your meal, choose the pressure cooker that suits all of your needs without the added hassle of switching the food to this appliance or that one.