Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Hi-Wheel Lawn Mower

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Hi-Wheel Lawn Mower


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Product Description

There are thousands of websites that produce information regarding certain products. However, not many focus on just one product or product category like my Garden Plaza website. You can find several name brand lawn mowers with the best combination of positive and negative reviews to help you make an educated choice for your needs. Maintaining your lawn may not be very difficult with the proper tools, but finding the proper tools at affordable pricing is the true struggle.

Description and Details

This gas powered lawn mower is ideal for those who are looking for an extra ump in their step. With a 140cc engine from Briggs and Stratton and a twenty-one inch cutting range, this push mower is definitely a one of a kind that can zip through passes. There are five different positions for quick adjustments on height and a mulch feature that allows for the long blades of grass to be broken down into smaller pieces. The front wheels are smaller than the rear, measuring at seven inches, whereas the back or rear wheels measure at twelve inches. This lawn mower is approximately seventy pounds and easy to push forward.

The Positives

For a fairly small yard, consumers have reported this lawn mower as a solid built grass cutting machine. They have found that it is very easy to push with the larger wheels on the rear. The engine from Briggs and Stratton is commonplace as the best mower engine on the market, according to consumers. Once it was received, consumers found that it was fairly easy to pull up the handle bar and insert the proper bolts and screws for a sturdy push bar. The lightweight mower has been ideal for those who may have a hard time pushing or putting extra strength into outdoor activities.

The Negatives

There have been a few negative reports against the PR500N21SH from Poulan. Consumers have reported that the engine seems to fail around the second use or season of the lawn mower. Other complaints reported issues with the plastic parts that are on this lawn mower, claiming that the vibration from the lawn mower creates issues and some parts are damaged or completely removed during use. The buildup of grass underneath the deck has concerned many consumers, as they are having to manually lift up the deck to unclog the grass and it becomes time consuming and a hassle.

The Conclusion

The thousands of lawn mowers on the market can be very scary when you are just searching for one. Finding something that truly fits your needs may be the biggest challenge that you face while paging through those thousands of mowers. Before beginning your search, or while searching, jot down notes of what you would like to have in a lawn mower and then find the best match. This will prevent you from purchasing something that may have great features, but do not fit the needs of your lawn care. Whether you’re looking for a riding mower, a push reel mower, or a battery operated mower, having the best fit can make the biggest difference in the world.