Nomura NPO-15E-II Electric Patio Heater

Nomura NPO-15E-II Electric Patio Heater Review

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Product Description

How would you like to be able to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors after the sun goes down? On a chilly night this might seem like a hard objective, but with certain items you can actually enjoy the cold nights. Some of these items include things such as a fire pit or a patio heater. There are several models of patio heaters on the market that can fit the needs of almost everyone. From eight foot tall heaters to wall and ceiling mounted patio heaters there are thousands of options with different operating methods and energy output.

Description and Details of the NPO-15E-II

With its highly efficient wattage at 1200 and excellent source of heat with three heating settings, this remote controlled patio heater does not take up any space. It comes equipped with a pull chain type of string and has a bracket that is movable to mount the patio heater onto. If you are in a cold area all year long, this patio heater is guaranteed to work continuously throughout the year for your warmth. The remote control is easy to use with four simple push buttons. The three heat settings have a button and then the on and off button. It’s sleekly designed and easy to grip and use outdoors.

The Pros of the NPO-15E-II

There are several reasons why the NPO-15E-II is a great choice for homeowners and pet owners a like. Some customers who have purchased this unit have done so with their pet in mind, making it the pet’s heating source throughout the colder months. This is a great idea for pets who must stay outside while it gets cold. Another great report from consumers is regarding the heating range and the ability to turn it on without walking over to it. Replacing the batteries in the control have been simple and reassuring that this product is very easy to use.

The Cons of the NPO-15E-II

Some people have experienced issues with the NPO-15E-II in a few different ways. A few consumers have reported on the heating up of the unit and melting the gasket not even fifteen minutes after the initial mount. The unit has also been reported as being shipped damage or becoming damaged in the shipping process. Another complaint on the NPO-15E-II has been regarding the unit ever working properly to begin with. The heating power has also been considered a problem as the unit has been reported to turn on but not produce any heat at all.

The Conclusion

Patio heaters are awesome ideas for when you are having a get together during the cooler months. It can be used to sit outside and have a family meal or be used to heat your pets that can’t come inside during the winter. The NPO-15E-II is one of many options in patio heaters that might fit your needs. For more information on outdoor heaters by Nomura or other brand names visit and get reviews on other patio heaters and ideal ways to heat your outdoors.