Arf Pets Three Door Folding Soft Dog

Arf Pets Three Door Folding Soft Dog Crate


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Product Description

Some of the best dog crates are those that are easy to take with you, becoming especially useful when you’re traveling. It might be on a road trip or might be to the vet, but wherever you’re headed it’s important that your pet has a place to feel safe and secure along the way. Most dogs love a good road trip but for those who get a little anxiety in the car, having their crate with them can make the difference between a happy pet and a harried one.  Arf Pets’ soft crate provides a safe, cozy, private home for your favorite four-legged friend. It’s fully collapsible, using a ventilated mesh cover over a resilient and lightweight steel frame for simple set up and storage.  It’s the perfect traveling companion for your traveling companion and with the three door design, getting in and out is a cinch for both you and your pet.

Portable Security for Your Pet

The happiest place for any pet is by his or her owner, but sometimes they need the comfort of home to know that they are entirely safe. This is why the Arf Pets soft crate is such a smart choice for the active consumer who has a busy lifestyle and wants to include their pet in everything they do. Made of soft ventilated mesh and steel tubes for strength, Arf Pets has built a crate that combines secure confinement with comfort so they always feel relaxed in their environment. The innovative folding design lets you collapse and reassemble the crate with retractable springs, a slipcover, and a heavy-duty zipper. That’s all you need to deal with and you’re ready to go!

The Perfect Choice Indoor and Out

A dog needs to be able to roam, keeping your pooch cooped up inside all of the time can be a hassle and it’s not as much for the pup either. That’s why this Arf Pets crate is such a great choice. It’s safe enough to use inside because the rounded corners won’t mar any of your home interior and it’s great to use outside because it lets your pup enjoy being outside because the mesh lets the outdoors into this crate. Best of all, the material is resilient enough to resist even the most dedicated chewing and scratching. There’s even a handy carrying strap for bringing your dog with you on the go and three doors let you enter the crate from the top, the front or at a side entry.

Summing Up

The Arf Pets soft crate offers entirely portable convenience indoors and out for dogs weighing up to 40 lbs. The three entrances and strong mesh cover provide an ample amount of ventilation and it’s suitable for all-season use. The heavy-duty steel frame keeps it strong while allowing it to be collapsible with spring-loaded bars that are easily reassembled in seconds. It’s also easy to clean with a cover that’s machine washable. The crate comes in two sizes and retails for about $50 with some retailers offering a special discount on dog crates.