Oster 4722 Review

Oster 4722 Review

Rice is almost like a way of life, if you love it, you find a way to add it to every single meal. Some people just boil their rice the old fashioned way, but its 2015 and its time to get a little modern. There are always going to be alternate ways to make your rice, but this is one of the more efficient ones.

How efficient is It?

Well, its pretty much like putting rice into a bowl, setting up a timer and just waiting until everything is finished. You dont even need to watch it or anything, your rice will be perfectly cooked every single time. If that isnt a blessing in disguise, I really dont know what is! Call it over dramatic, but Im a very big fan of rice.


Some of the best zojirushi rice cookers are going to have a decent amount of features under their belt, otherwise they wouldnt really be able to consider themselves one of the best (now would they?). It can prepare up to 6 cups of cooked rice, and 3 cups of dry rice. Theres a steaming tray that comes with the actual cooker, and its got a capacity of 1 liter.

Theres a keep-warm feature that automatically turns on to make sure your rice isnt served cold, and theres a one touch operation process that makes everything feel logical. The price is a great thing to look at, as it only costs $18.96. Its on sale and that had a say in why I decided to test this rice cooker out for myself, but dont let the cheap price fool you! If theres any cooker that could take care of your needs consistently, itd be this one.

The positives

Obviously rice cookers need to have a decent amount of benefits in order for you to buy them, and the keep warm feature would be the first one to keep in mind. 6 cups of cooked rice and 3 cups of dry rice is a reasonable rate of measurement for any rice cooker, and a 1 liter steam tray never hurt anybody either. The price cant be beat and is affordable as they come, and it still manages to maintain a complimentary standard of quality.

The negatives

Not everybody likes a rice cooker that doesnt go the extra mile, and this one is pretty straight-forward. If youre like me, you can do with just a simple rice cooker, but others may want some sort of lavish accessory set to come alongside it.


Overall, its a great rice cooker that will keep you fed for eons to come. Alright, maybe not eons, but its a reliable piece of technology. If you dont believe me, just check out some of the other reviews the internet may have to offer.