LiftMaster 8500 Review

LiftMaster 8500 Review

When you are building a new garage one of the hardest decisions is whether or not you are going to have you garage door connected electronically. This means whether or not it will be opened manually or electronically. Making the decision to install an electronic garage door opener should not be taken lightly. There are certain things that everyone should consider when choosing which type of system that they install in their new garage. Quality and safety stand hand in hand when it comes to making the best choice.

Design and Features

The 8500 by LiftMaster has the capability of being mounted to a wall, allowing the garage door to flow without any issues. It is MyQ able and has a power lock with a remote light, safety beams, and a transmitter. It includes a power cord that is six feet long which can be connected easily to a close outlet. The remotes sends a beam of light and the door is then opened, making it easier than ever to park your car. LiftMaster guarantees a five year warranty on the parts, but backs them as being top quality and manufactured to meet the needs of their consumer.

The Pros

The appearance alone is not the reason why consumers have been raving about this garage door opener. It can be mounted onto the wall instead of being bulky in the center of the ceiling, claims one consumer. Another has mentioned that it is powerful enough for their household to use without any disruptions. Consumers have noted in their reviews that this product is one of the best they have ever invested in as it is quiet and gets the job done. The quality of this device is outstanding and consumers claim that they will be purchasing again with their current one starts to age.

The Cons

Consumers have been diligent in their negative reviews, but some of them have found that even when the quality looks great, sometimes it’s the little things that aren’t of so great quality. Screws and other small pieces have been cheaply made, according to consumers. This can cause issues in the opener working properly. It can also become very dangerous. Although some consumers have said that the installation was a breeze, others have complained that after installing this themselves that it would not work. In turn, they had to hire a professional to come out and redo their entire setup. Other reviews can be found at Garage Automatics, who cover every type of brand imaginable for the consumers benefit.

In Conclusion

Deciding to add an electronic device to help open your garage doors can be tough, as sometimes you must consider the specifics of what is needed such as weight capacity and extra battery ability. 8500 stands for the part number that it is considered in the catalog from LiftMaster. It ranks number twenty-nine in the remote door openers category. With approximately thirty pounds, it is able to have a weight capacity of six hundred and fifty pounds which makes it a good choice to add to your list.