Increase Home Security With These Methods

Increase Home Security With These Methods

You may find your home quite prone to break-ins, perhaps it already happened before or has yet to. Well, that kind of concern is only natural, as people wish to live in a safe home. Now, you might be looking for ways to increase the security of your home. Worry not, as the following methods will make burglars think twice before they break into your house.

Avoid Tempting Burglars With Expensive Possessions

Avoid declaring that you recently bought something price, for example, an expensive new sound system. Doing so only attracts burglars to your home as you own something worth grabbing. Also, you may want to wrap the boxes for the appliances or electronics you purchase, to avoid announcing them to passer-bys. Yes, you may wish to brag, but it is best to keep things to yourself sometimes.

Beware of Dog Sign

A simple “Beware of Dog” sign is enough to make any burglar hesitate to invade a home. Even if you have no pet, just put up the sign anyway, since it is a deterrent to thieves. After all, no one wants to get bitten and thrashed by a dog.

Hire A Trustworthy Housesitter

You may wish to consider hiring a trustworthy housesitter. Seeing another person in a house is likely to ensure that a burglar would give up, as they dislike taking risks. Also, you can tell your homesitter to keep lights on at night to trick thieves into thinking that there are people around. Overall, having another person makes a world of difference when it comes to home security.

Install Smart Security

You may wish to install smart security such as motion-sensor lights and smart-locks since these will ensure that invaders give up. For example, you can install locks that require a Bluetooth key or a biosensor, so unless the burglar is an IT expert, they have a low chance of getting into your home. Another threat would be a motion-sensing light, as these can cause any thief to panic. After all, anyone would wish to run away once lights turn on upon their first step into your home. Lastly, you can visit online to check more ideas about smart locks that would boost home safety.

Never Post About Vacations on Social Media

Once again, it is exciting to tell everyone about how you are going for a vacation, but seriously, it is best that you don’t. Doing so increases the likelihood that thieves will attempt to raid your home as it is merely a vulnerable target for them. In fact, some intruders do check Facebook statuses to keep a lookout on homeowners intending to go on a vacation.


If you are disturbed by your home’s lack of security, then it may just be the right time to change something. Possible options include keeping a low profile when it comes to possessions, placing a “Beware of Dog” sign, hiring a trustworthy housesitter, installing smart security, and refraining from posting about your vacations on social media.