Hamilton Beach 58148A Review

Hamilton Beach 58148A Review

When you think of the word “blender”, you probably arent going to associate the term “elite” with it. Although it isnt the most common thing to find, this is a blender that deserves every single praise its been given. Hamilton Beach is known for bringing high quality appliances to our homes, most of us probably already have some sort of Hamilton Beach product in our kitchens.

With this blender, theres essentially no fruit that you wont be able to blend – margaritas will taste better than you remembered, thats for sure. This article should make it pretty clear as which traits are positive and which ones arent, and if they dont, you could always just check out Amazon.

This is a blender that doesnt hold back on the pros, and thats why I felt the need to review it – this is easily one of the best blenders Ive ever used (personally, I dont want people to think Im out here trying to sell stuff!). If I can help even one person find the most suitable blender around, my mission will have been accomplished.

Looking at the Features

There are a lot of features to take away from this product, so much so that its going to be hard to list them all – okay, maybe not, but one could wish. Blenders dont tend to have a lot of nifty features to them, especially if they arent expensive, which this one isnt. Theres 700-watts of peak blending power, and there are 12 different blending functions. This allows for them to play the very versatile angle, and a lot of blenders seem to be following that trend these days. Its a very unique looking blender, and the no-mess spout allows for easy pouring to take place. The “wave action system” is in place, and theres a 40 ounce dishwasher safe jar included.

The Highs & Lows of This Blender

The Highs

Well, youll be relived to know that this isnt one of those incredibly expensive blenders. Even though Hamilton beach is known for providing us with the best blenders around, they didnt feel the need to overcharge in this case – thats always nice. The 40 ounce jar is more than enough for any of us, and the 700 watts of power never hurt either (unless youre looking to get a pretty intense shock and keep messing with the electrical components, which you shouldnt be doing).

The Lows

Its not expensive, which probably means Hamilton Beach is just trying to sell these like hot cakes. When that is the case, it usually doesnt consist of the most reliable components, and thats a low in my opinion. Its only a blender, but why not shoot for the good stuff? Price will always play a factor though, so I get it.


In conclusion, Id like to say that this is a blender I could really get used to. I initially bought it as a present, and when I realized someone had gifted them the exact same thing, I just kept it for myself – Im pretty happy with that decision.