How To Grow Your Levels of Interaction on Twitter

Twitter is a platform that you need to leverage, that is if you are serious about making your business an online authority. With over 300 million active monthly users, you need to have a strategy to use this platform so that you make use of the marketing potential that Twitter brings to the table.

Any business wishes to have unlimited access to a massive audience that is distributed globally. But if you don’t use proven techniques, you might end up marketing to random people as compared to targeted users. But if you want such a level of interaction, then you have to work for it.

Understand the Purpose of the Twitter Account

Before you jump right in and start posting any content, you need to understand why you decided to set up the account in the first place. Many people tend to ignore this step, and they end up losing focus because they don’t have any goals they are working towards.

If you are opening your first twitter account, then you need to set up goals so that you track the metrics. You also set up goals so that later on you can use analytic tools to have a better understanding of the performance of your strategy.

If you already have a twitter account, you can relaunch your strategy so that you come up with measurable goals. To keep your account active, Fred Harrington recommends that you use a bot to auto follow, auto tweet, and auto like other users’ content.

Have the Perfect Bio

The bio is like your storefront on Twitter. This is what the people see when they come to your Twitter account the first time. The bio makes use of various aspects that include your name, image, and description. The name is your unique identifier, and it is preceded by the “@” sign. It should be something that users relate to, or that relates to your business.

After the name comes to your profile photo, which should be something meaningful. We have seen users making use of stock photos that have no relation to them or their business. Make sure the image is relevant, and it is clear as well.

After the profile photo, you need to write a short bio, which needs to be 160-characters long. The bio tells people exactly why they need to follow your profile.

After the bio, you need to consider the header image. Consider this to be something like a billboard for your account, and you can use it to showcase various aspects of your business. You can change the cover image time and again so that you showcase a product or a process.

At the end of it all, you need to make sure that users can understand what is going down by just looking at your bio.

Have a Content Strategy

Content is what makes people like or dislike you. It is the ones that will result in more followers, subscriptions and even traffic to your landing page. Having a content strategy is all about making sure you have the right content each day and that it is consistent. Take time to understand your niche so that you can get content that can convert.

With the right content strategy, you will always have something to share with your audience. The right content allows you to say something that triggers the right reaction you are looking for. You also need to understand what type of content makes your audience more active, and then focus on it.

The Bottom-line

Take time to understand why you are opening a Twitter account in the first place, and come up with the perfect strategy to give your users the right content that is relevant to the niche.