Electric Versus Gas Water Heater

Electric Versus Gas Water Heater

Do you intend to purchase a new water heater to replace your old one? If so, you are most likely choosing between either electric or gas. In case you are unable to decide between them, here is a comparison:

Overall Cost

At purchase cost, an electric water heater costs less than gas. However, when it comes to utility, a gas water heater is likely to be cheaper than electric, more so if the prices of gas are lower in your area. Furthermore, gas is much more efficient since it heats faster while utilizing less energy than an electric water heater. For people looking to save their money, a gas water heater would be a solid choice.


Since gas leaks remain a possibility and there is a risk for explosion, electric heaters are a safer option. These are less of a hazard and are not as prone to causing a fire. Although an electrocution from a faulty wiring is possible, the chances are far lower than an explosion from a gas water heater. Moreover, only a person would be affected by electrocution, while many would possibly die from fire.

Space Requirements

A gas water heater will take up space since each requires considerable ventilation, which means that the corner of a room will not suffice. On the other hand, you can install electric types in small spaces without any risk of explosions. In fact, some small electric water heaters will fit beneath a sink.

Life Expectancy

Electric water heaters are less complicated and have fewer parts, and subject said parts to less heat. Thus, you can assume that they will last longer than their gas counterpart. At most, there should be a difference of two to three years in lifespan.

Timer Units

You can install timers on your electric water heaters but not for gas types. Such timers are quite easy to install and are useful. In fact, you can reduce the length of your energy utility by three hours rather than 24. To people who wish to save up on utility bills and help the environment, timer features are purposeful.

Installation Cost and Time

A gas water heater requires you to vent the exhaust, which means installing a PVC tube throughout the home and up above your roof. On the other hand, an electric water heater only requires both a bare wiring and an outlet. You do not even have to pierce holes in the roof to build a chimney.


A gas water heater can be somewhat difficult to repair since the units are sizeable. Unlike gas types, electric water heaters are much smaller and have a simple mechanism, enabling faster repairs by a technician. In case you need repairs, I tried ecoheatplumbing.co.uk and they offer a quick, precise solution for heater problems.


Using the comparison as a basis, it seems that an electric water heater is a much more reasonable choice to select as your new water heater. After all, it is safe, less space-consuming, longer-lasting, easier to install and you can add a timer unit. The only advantage of a gas water heater is that its use can be cheaper, but the initial cost is higher than an electric.