Dog Toys, Beds, and Other Fun Stuff For Your Pup

Dog Toys, Beds, and Other Fun Stuff For Your Pup

There are so many different dog toys on the market today. There are squeaky toys, rubber toys, balls, toys with bells that jingle, and toys that make a crinkly sound when played with. I know that many dogs are picky about their toys. Some won’t play with squeaky toys, or ones that crinkle. Some won’t return a ball, but run around with it in its mouth.

Dog Play:

My dog plays tug of war with her ball and it sometimes seems it takes the jaws of life to get it out of her mouth. For her, it’s all in good fun! As for me, I am exhausted just by trying to get it out of her mouth. Some classic dog toys such as the frisbee are favorites. I once knew a dog that loved boomerangs! I recently got a puppy and she insists on jumping in my lap during evening television. She gets in my face and won’t let up until I throw the ball to her. This continues for nearly half an hour. She has the routine down, so that each evening, she brings me the ball. For puppies, plush toys are not a good option. Puppies chew them up, the squeaker falls out, and the stuffing gets everywhere! For an adult dog, plush toys are just fine.

Doggy Play Pens:

One area dogs love to play is in a playpen. There are so many different playpens on the market, but some are better than others. Considering the best of playpens of the year, some dogs have very sophisticated taste! Doggy playpens allow the pup to have space to play, without the risk of them running off. These are especially good for backyards with no fence. Dog play pens are perfect for puppies who haven’t learned their way around yet. However, the pens are perfect for digs of every age. Many dog owners enjoy the versatility of the play pens. There are many different varieties on the market. Some are portable and convenient for travel, or taking the dog to someone’s house. Other pens can be used both inside and outside. Other pens are better for indoor use. With the great variety of playpens available, your pup is sure to have a blast!

Dog Beds:

Dog beds are another essential pup product. Many dogs love the feeling of having their own space to rest and relax, especially after a long day of play. As with other pet products, there are many different kinds of dog beds. Some beds go right on the sofa your your best friend can snuggle up close. Many dog parents put the beds in their rooms so the dogs share the room at night. Some are perfect for the living room and cozy for relaxing next to a warm fire. There is even a variety of dog bed that works best outdoors. It looks like a trampoline, but allows the dog to chill out on a hot summer day. There are even dog beds with hoods, so pup can snuggle deep inside. Dog beds are available in many different sizes, depending on the size of the dog. A dogs comfort is important to their well-being.

Dog Product Tip:

With all the dog products available, it is easy to have a nice mix of things for your pup. From toys to beds and other fun things, dogs can be certain they are well cared for and very much loved! A variety of things to keep them entertained and comfortable is a guarantee of a happy puppy!