Decorating Your Event Tables

Whether you have chosen a round, square or any other style for your reception, reception tables need to compliment the venue and make the theme complete.

Besides the venue of the reception itself, tables play a huge role in dictating the theme of the event. The good thing for you is that party rentals offer you a variety of sizes and shapes that you can work with. The need for party rentals makes it easy for you to arrange the wedding or reception venue.

Choosing the Type of Tables

When making a choice for tables, you need to consider the size of the venue and the arrangement as well. The tables need to fit within the space the right way. You also choose the type of table depending on the vibe that you wish to communicate. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, then go for round tables in several sizes for a more intimate setting.

The Setting of the Room

So you have fallen head over heels with a room with high ceilings and large windows that need some serious filling. You can use the setting of the room to make sure you use all the space available.

When coming up with the layout, you need to make sure you don’t leave out vast spaces when arranging the tables. The tables need to be set in such a way that there is enough space for guests to move while interacting with each other.

You need to have a rough estimate of the size of the room and calculate the number of tables and chairs you need. Make sure you arrange the furniture in such a way that the setup is cool and functional.

When the room is too big, opt for a long table to make a banquet style arrangement. You can opt for a U-shaped formation and see how it brings the event to life.

Play With Different Heights

One of the best ways to give the long tables some dimension is to use decor of different heights. Use thin taper candles and alternate with ceramic vases. Opt for medium, tall and flat decor.

Run Long

You can elongate the table by using long linen. A long solid tablecloth can make the table look one piece. If you can’t get a long tablecloth, you can double up the linen.

If you are working with several small tables, then you can use the linen in such a way that it doesn’t cover every inch. All you need at this time is to target a few spots on the tables,

Using Round Tables

Do you love classic round tables and you wish to use them in the event? Well, round tables are the standard for such events, but you need to find a way to use them the right way so that you get the effect you need.

These tables provide the best conversational benefits, and you don’t need to follow any rules when it comes to arranging them.

The best trick about using round tables is to mix up the sizes. Have the same sizes grouped together, so that you can make the layout stand out.

Infuse Some Color

If not handled the right way, using white can turn out to be boring. You can use some little white at times, but take care not to do it too much. Instead, diversify the linen and go for different colors. Some pattern is also not harmful at all. You can get this linen from and make your event more colourful.

You don’t have to drench the table in bright colors if you really don’t want to – there are a lot of other ways to jazz up the look using neutral colors. What you need to do in such a situation is to layer the linens up. Use patterns to bring some texture to the look.

You can also decide to drape floor-length linens over the round tables to dress up space so that you give it some symmetry. You can also achieve symmetry by arranging the same number of chairs around the tables. All in all, allow enough space for guests to move around the room.

The Bottom-line

When you decide to take the next step in life, you need the perfect venue and arrangement. Take time to understand what you need in terms of furniture and get the right linen to compliment it. The better the layout, the higher the satisfaction levels of all parties involved.