The Best Guide on how to Purchase a Mig Welder

The Best Guide on how to Purchase a Mig Welder

Welding is a technical task, and the success of your work solely depends on the equipment you use.  If you are a novice in welding, you may tend to think that it is the hardest thing to learn, but when you use a Mig welder, the task becomes easy.  The abbreviation Mig refers to metal inert gas.  The Mig welder is an ideal device for people who are welding for the first time. You can learn how to use the tool in a short time, and it can help you to conduct necessary repairs in your home.

The Mig welder is not sophisticated; you only need to connect the device to a source of power, crank up the gas source and begin your welding procedures.  If you must be guided on how to use the equipment, it will take the instructor a period that does not exceed an hour.  When you are welding utilizing the welder, you need a wire welding electrode which is put on a spool.  This machine is useful when joining some metals which include; nickel, magnesium, aluminum and mild steel among others.  A significant number of people rush to buy the Mig welder because it is user-friendly, but you must understand the most critical aspects to consider before investing in the welder. A  ProWelderGuide would be essential, but you can review the following factors when purchasing the Mig welder.

The Welder’s Power

You should understand the type of metal you want to weld and the amount of power needed.  Different metals require different amounts of powers to weld, and you should have the right information on the metals you will be joining.  Once you have understood the metals, you will be able to purchase a welder that has sufficient power to put the metals together.  The thickness of the metals should be the most crucial aspect to consider when buying a welder.

The amount of power needed to run the welder

Most of the Mig welders require between 115 volts and 230 volts.  You could believe that welders need between 110 volts and 220 volts, and this may confuse you when purchasing.  However, you do not have to be confused because the machine can still operate when there is a 10% difference in input voltage.  This means that if you purchase a 208 Mig welder, it will perform well in a power outlet that has 220 volts.

Be cautious on the duty cycle

Duty cycle refers to the time you need to deposit weld materials accurately.  The duty cycle of the Mig welder you purchase will be determined by the kind of work you intend to undertake using the machine.  It is, however, essential to acquire a Mig welder that has a high duty cycle because it can be useful for a significant number of tasks.

Consider whether the machine is portable

You will need to move with your welder to where you want to conduct some repairs or join some metals. Since even the smallest welders have a weight that exceeds 70 pounds, it is prudent to purchase a machine that comes with a cart. If the device lacks a cart ensure that it is wheeled for smooth movement.  Moving a tool that is not portable can be very tiresome.

The speed of wire feed

Wire feed speed is the determining factor of how accurate your welding job will be and the rate of your work.  Since each machine comes with a different wire feed speed research to ensure that you purchase the device that takes care of this aspect appropriately.

After considering the factors above you can opt for this Mig welder which I believe will serve you best in your welding tasks.

LONGEVITY Migweld 140-140 Amp MigWelder

This machine can run on a 110-volt power outlet.  The Mig welder is ideal when you want a device for home use.  It is user-friendly, and you can use it when welding mild steel that has a thickness of 3/8inch.  It is easy to control, and you can use its spool gun quickly even if you are a neophyte in welding.

The Mig welder weighs 60 pounds making it the most portable welder you can get. Its weight makes the welder an ideal machine when portability is an essential factor for field works.  The welder will help you in conducting most of your welding repairs, and it is also suitable for individuals who take welding as a hobby.