Baby Safety Gates for Stairs

Baby Safety Gates for Stairs

Right from childhood to adulthood, the stairs represent one of the trickiest obstacles to handle in the home. Sure enough, you have once or twice tripped or slipped on these stairs a couple of times no matter how careful you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are familiar with the stairs or not – once in a while you always end up tripping due to miscalculation. Now think of what can happen with a baby that doesn’t understand what danger these staircases pose.

A curious baby will always want to imitate you by going up the stairs and coming back down. At a young age, the baby is active and will always play around. With stairs in the home, you need to be extra careful s that the kid doesn’t end up injuring himself. When this happens, it is wise to buy baby safety gate to protect your child from any impending injury. However, it might be a bit daunting to choose the right gate from the ones available.

The market gives you a lot of choices to pick from, ranging from pressure mounted to retractable gates. Looking at all these gates, you might find yourself confused on which one to choose. Since you wish to get a gate to protect the stairway, you need one that is sturdy enough to prevent a fall. You can’t use pressure-mounted gates for this task because they lack the strength to withstand pressure. When it comes to staircases, it is wise to use hardware mounted gates.

The Kind of Material

These gates come in different kinds of material, giving you a wide choice to select from. The gates can be made of plastic, wood or metal integrated with mesh fabric. The tiny holes in the fabric help prevent the kid from putting his hands through the mesh.

The Ease of Usage

You need to remember that you are in need of a gate that is easy for you to set up and use but hard for the kid to decipher. For this purpose, consider the height of the gate because it will be useless for it to be short enough for the kid to climb over. The height should also prevent the kid from reaching over and unlatching it.

The latch and lock mechanism in use should be child proof because kids are usually persistent and will try all means to unlock it. These gates are usually perfect for children aged 2-3 years old.

How Many Do You Need?

You need to protect the two openings of the stairs – both at the top and the bottom. Having both entrances protected keeps your child from going down the stairs and climbing up. You don’t want your kid crawling up the stairs to explore what is up because this is the perfect recipe for an accident.

The Size of the Entrance

When making a choice, you need to consider how wide the entrances of the staircases are. The gate you choose needs to cover the whole width completely without leaving any space. A gate that is too wide or too narrow will be dangerous to the kid. A gate that is too small will not serve the purpose. On the other hand, a gate that is too wide will not provide the efficiency you need.

Final Thoughts

You need to protect your child from accidents that happen on the staircases by using baby gates placed strategically at the top and bottom of the stairs. To make a perfect choice, you need to consider the role, the material and the size of the gate regarding the height and the width.