Annual HVAC Maintenance Inspections Means More Money in Your Pocket

Annual HVAC Maintenance Inspections Means More Money in Your Pocket

Maintaining your HVAC unit is not the most exciting endeavors, but HVAC Professionals all agree that paying a little attention to your seemingly unassuming ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­heating and cooling units can go a long way in saving big money in the future.

After all, the goal of any home, business, or property owner should be to extend the life of their HVAC unit. Getting the most out of a unit with preventative maintenance means avoiding replacing pricey units much sooner than necessary. Like a car, take care of them and they will take care of you. Right?

How many times have you heard, with just a little envy, of car owner who stays on the road with a vehicle getting into 200,000 plus mile threshold on the odometer? If this is not you, it can make you think, how did they do that? Are they just lucky?

HVAC units need your care

More likely, the car owner paid close attention to the maintenance needs of their vehicle with oil and filter changes, regular maintenance checkups, and a conscious effort to keep the vehicle clean and flush with fluids.

The same is true of your HVAC unit. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who has that AC that keeps on going season after season, delaying for years your need to buy a new unit? It can happen and much easier than you think. All that is needed is a quick phone call to a trusted HVAC professional near you.

When you schedule a maintenance checkup of your AC and Heating unit, here is a list of things your HVAC professional will be inspecting and replacing:

For an outside unit

  • Refrigerant level
  • Removal of dirt and debris inside the unit cabinet
  • Unit base pan inspection
  • Inspect coil and clean if necessary
  • Examine fan motor and blades, lubricate if needed
  • Look over wiring system and controls for damage or loose connections
  • Go over compressor and inspect tubing for damage

For an inside heating unit

  • Examine blower assembly
  • Inspect fan motor and blades, lubricate if needed
  • Check fan motor and blades, lubricate if needed
  • Check evaporator coil, drain pan, and drain lines
  • Inspect and test for gas leaks on gas units
  • Look over burner assembly and adjust and clean
  • Inspect ignition system and clean
  • Examine heating elements and heat exchanger
  • Go over flue system check for gaps or leaks
  • Inspect wiring system and controls for damage
  • Clean or replace air filters

Experienced technician inspections best bet

Typically, HVAC professionals will get to your property within a day or two for an inspection and then offer to continue scheduled service inspections for the long term without any effort on your part. They will often deliver a courtesy call or email when it’s time for your unit’s checkup.

Also, HVAC professionals recommend regularly scheduled maintenance checkups by experienced technicians with the tools and expertise to get the job done efficiently and correctly. A checkup of a heating and cooling unit should be completed once a year for each, they recommend.

So, this season make it a point to give your HVAC systems a lift with better preventative maintenance. If you do, you’ll benefit from better functioning heating and air units that will last and last and keep more of your money in your pocket.

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