7 Things to Take Care of in the Week Before Your Wedding

7 Things to Take Care of in the Week Before Your Wedding

The big day’s almost here! In just over a week, you’ll be married and relaxing on honeymoon with your sweetheart. But until then, you’ve still got a lot to think about, plan, and organize. Here are seven things to take care of in the week before your wedding, so it goes smoothly and with minimal stress to you.

1. Take care of yourself

The week running up to your wedding is going to be a busy one. Make sure the majority of your meals are healthy and nutrient-dense to give you the energy you need. Always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, clear-headed, and free from any unwanted breakouts. Also try to take an early night whenever you can. Being as well-rested as possible means it matters less if you only manage to get a few hours of shut-eye the evening before your big day.

2. Final outfit try-on

Although you’ll already have your wedding outfit all sorted, it’s sensible to try on your dress, shoes, and accessories together one final time. You can make sure everything fits perfectly, looks just as you want, and also make any necessary changes. It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member there with you for an honest second opinion. You’ll also want to break in your shoes, so they’re comfortable to wear during your wedding. Spend a few hours at home walking around in them until they feel fine to wear.

3. Talk with your wedding photographer

To get the perfect shots of your wedding, you’ll need to let your photographer know as much as possible. Are there any familial tensions, sensitive situations, or mobility problems they should be aware of? This sort of information will help the photographer stage photos that keep everyone involved comfortable and happy. And, if you want candid shots or interesting photos of certain events, let your photographer know in advance. Cluing your photographer in to your wants and desires ensures you’ll get the very shots you hoped for!

4. Get in touch with your vendors

Give all your wedding vendors a call to finalize arrival times, finish times, and any other details you want to go over. Give them the contact details for your designated person-in-charge on the day — a close friend, family member, or wedding planner — so they can go to them with any issues, leaving you free to enjoy your wedding uninterrupted.

5. Pack your honeymoon luggage

If you’re jetting off on honeymoon the morning after your wedding, make sure you’re packed and ready to go well in advance. There’s nothing you want less than having to rush around filling your suitcase last-minute after a late night of celebration. It’s best to begin packing as soon as you possibly can. Make sure to plan your outfits, do the laundry, and gather together all the documents you need — passports, tickets, reservations — a few days beforehand.

6. Practice your vows

Wedding vows aren’t usually something you can successfully come up with on-the-fly, so if you haven’t completed — or even started! — them yet, now’s your chance. Once you’ve finalized your words, it’s time to learn them. Speak them out loud to yourself several times until you have them memorized. Even if you plan on having them written down and reciting them from paper, nerves may unexpectedly get in the way and throw you off. It’s best to be fully prepared and know your vows of by heart.

7. Relax!

You may feel overwhelmed and overworked in the run up to your wedding (and that’s completely natural and normal). But don’t forget to take some time out for yourself and get in some all-important relaxation. You may find it beneficial to try some deep breathing and meditation techniques to calm both your body and mind. Know that everything will be okay and the end of your hard planning is almost in sight.

With these seven tips, you can better prepare for your big day, so it goes off without a hitch. The most important advice of all? Enjoy it! Once your wedding arrives, let your worries slip away and enjoy the fruits of your labor which you worked oh so hard to create.